Pantalones Giganticus

from by Usagi

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[Verse 1]
Real wizard and I'm chilling with a bad witch
Wanna play with my wand 'cause it's magic
Money longer than the beard on Hagrid
Gringotts money, tryna get mad rich
Money making, levitating like I'm Raditz
Always looking at the Muggles like they average
Usagi in a hat like a rabbit
But no potion could ever cure me of madness
They know that I'm a magician
I need a lovely assistant
I believe in superstition
Illusions that elude the vision
Cut it in half like division
Put it together, addition
I'm so sick that I need a physician
Killing 'em, call a mortician

Eye of newt, I cast a hex on you
Grandma's wig, this will, this will, make you big
Kitten spit, soon your pants won't fit
Oh no, not again!

Pantalones, Pantalones Giganticus
Pantalones, Pantalones Giganticus
Pantalones, Pantalones Giganticus
Pantalones, Pantalones Giganticus

[Verse 2]
I rap magic, hippity hoppity
Say the words, bibidi babidi
Clock stopper, like tickity tockity
Polo horses, like clippity cloppity
I can turn dust to gold like an alchemist
I Am Just A Shooter, top of your album list
I don't think in rhyme, no I think in spells
Ive got powder with some power just like Tinkerbell
Big-headed like the Wizard of Oz
The way they clap let's you know I deserve some applause
Usagi, I'm a fairly odd brother
Making dreams come true like a fairy godmother
I know hypnosis, hocus pocus, where your nose is, you better focus
Flow corrosive, so explosive, leave you roasted, leave you toasted
From coast to coast, I bring the locusts, split the oceans, call me Moses
I end the show, the curtains closing, throwing roses, I ain't no bogus




from I AM JUST A SHOOTER, released September 24, 2016



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Usagi El Paso, Texas

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