Paul Bunyan

from by Usagi

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Cosmic, one with the planets and the asteroids
I am just a shooter, got cannons like Blastoise
I can see the future, present and the past boy
Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Bad Boys
The young villain, yeah I'm chilling trying to make a million
Rap brilliant, so I'm trying to stack it to the ceiling
Kill innocent civilians, no remorse or feelings
My power ceiling way above even that of Krillin
Destructo Disc, that's my mixtape
Sleeping on the boy, that's a mistake
If you ever hear them say that I ain't great
Tell them stop lying, long-nose like a witch face
My wardrobe humongous
Halfway to GOAT status, Mr. Tumnus
Even though he traveled the world with (a) compass
Magellan couldn't navigate my word circumference
So angelic, with the grace of the seraphim
I'm embellished with the face of the cherubim
They see my confidence and call it arrogance
You need to find your wings so you can see the air I'm in
I need the Big Ben, not talking London
I'm in the Big Ten, you know I'm balling
It's such a big event, when I am rapping
I got the pigpen, my rhymes a pigsty
Forget a rap deal
Slave labor while these fat cats stack mils
Forget a rap deal
I want my face engraved on the Black Hills
Forget a rap deal
I'm headed uphill, something like Jack and Jill
Forget a rap deal
I do it all myself, I keep it that real
When I'm walking by, girls say "ooh-la-la"
They see that I'm a, future superstar
When I'm on the stage, girls say "Oh my God"
Heartstrings getting pulled, like I'm Yo-Yo Ma
Call me baby, call me honey, call me sweetheart
Promise me no matter what, we'll never be apart
Went from sugar, now you're sour, just like SweeTarts
Promising it's really over, then we restart
Bound to this fate, something like samsara
We pay for mistakes, caught up in the karma
My likeness is the Dalai Lama
Enlightened, you know I can take you to nirvana
Usagi, born from a fallen star
Roast a rapper just like Charizard for R&R
You can feel me close, but we're far apart
I'm out of bars, so au revoir

Larger than life, call me Paul Bunyan
Larger than life, call me Paul Bunyan
Larger than life, call me Paul Bunyan
Larger than life, call me Paul Bunyan


from I AM JUST A SHOOTER, released September 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Usagi El Paso, Texas

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