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If I die, realize that I'm coming back
If I die, realize that I'm coming back
If I die, realize that I'm coming back
If I die, realize that I'm coming back

[Verse 1]
Live a wild lifestyle, so hazardous
If I die, call up Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Tell him bring me back to life, like I'm Lazarus
They say that the things that I write are so blasphemous
I've been blessed with the curse of immortality
Impossible to escape this reality
Spit like Reptile, my bars are fatalities
Between you and me, there is no commonality
Usagi, I am just a shooter
I got her sweating like it's Zumba
If you ever spreading rumors
I will stomp you like a Goomba
Hold the heat up like Akuma
And I'm sicker than a tumor
Got the tools like a tune-up
Have you sleeping with the tuna
Balling like I'm Kobe Bryant
Shooting like I'm Kobe Bryant
They will never see me crying
Hide the pain within the silence
Pressure's on me like a diamond
Hopefully I come back shining
Honestly, I feel like dying
Honestly, I feel like dying


[Verse 2]
John Wilkes when I'm in the booth, Abe Lincoln I'm finna shoot
Pirate trying to get that loot, i8, trying to get that coupe
There girls must think I'm Romeo, most y'all be lame as polio
Something like San Antonio, remember me like the Alamo
Zombie, and I'm back from the dead, Daphnes wanna meddle with Fred
Homies know I got street cred, phonies they be in the red
Usagi, track star, Armenian, go bananas like a simian
My warfare Carthaginian
Polo horses like a stable, I'm anything but stable
My life is a tornado, I can't cope, unable
I'm so sick, man, the doctor said pull the cable
I rap all these fables, gazing at my navel
Chasing after payroll, funny money, Play-Doh
Head spinning like a dreidel, my heart has been disabled
My shoulder blades are cradled by demons wearing halos
I'm feeling so incapable, I can't decide which way to go



from I AM JUST A SHOOTER, released September 24, 2016



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Usagi El Paso, Texas

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