Smell The Roses

from by Usagi

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My category is scatalogical
I run the game, and I call it like an audible
These dogs got no bark or bite
Make 'em take an L, like a chessboard knight
Man, I'm smooth as shuffleboard, way I slide through
I just might have your girl, writing haikus
Usagi, man I'm such a mellow fellow
Any blows they make, I shake them off like yellow Jell-O
For every heart that's filled with envy, pain and anger
Let my music be the rejuvenation chamber
Let the caterpillars turn into butterflies
And take flight into the sun in the summertime
Most would rather have a dollar than a friend
Man, if love is a currency then I could buy a Benz
But I don't need a Benz, I need a beat
I need the flowers, I need the trees

Smell the roses while you're still here
Smell the roses while you're still here

Let me tell you 'bout this rapper Usagi
He ain't really with the bull like Scottie
All these rappers ever do is suck and copy
The way they acting you would think that they were Kirby
Kill them as a rookie, Olivia Thirbly
Jennifer Garner, 13 going on 30
You can Vitamin C that I'm sick as scurvy
Smack it out the park, I make hits like a derby
I'm on fire like I'm Donald Trump on The Apprentice
Talking smack, then I will check up on your mouth like dentists
I am ten out of ten according to the consensus
Beyond your wildest dreams, you couldn't have even dreamt this
Usagi, Armenian Track Star
Gold medalist
So mystical, so mythical
Flyer than a Pegasus


Neither A nor B, flow androgynous
Lost identity, so anonymous
Feeling tormented, like I'm Obelisk
Apples oranges, just the opposite
They say land or sea, I'm amphibious
Somewhere in between, Ferb and Phineas
In the dark, I am so ambiguous
I am Scar, surrounded by idiots
Let's take a moment, appreciate reality and
how things rarely fit inside a black and white duality
50 shades between you and I
Why do we leave many colors unutilized
Expand your palette
Instead of being money hungry, trying to expand your wallet
Smell the roses while you're still here
Until the next time, cheers and bunny ears


from I AM JUST A SHOOTER, released September 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Usagi El Paso, Texas

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